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}{           Anger           }{

I'll make you laugh
I'll carve the smiles myself
please let me help
it's the least I can do
let me help you destroy me
tell me what I can do
should I just walk by you
that seemed pretty funny to you
sitting in your car
mocking me
have we met?
have we spoke?
I can't seem to recall any occasion,
that justifies your actions
fuck off
I'll smash the windows
grab the shards of broken glass
and I'll sculpt
I'll become an artist
vengeance is my brush
death is my art
your blood.. my paint

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- H o l l o w   W a r - ® Kualkier intención de kopia será severamente penalizada por el kódigo civil y será llevado a silla eléktrika sin un juicio premeditado...