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\/\/        I Am       \/\/

I am the darkness
of the nyte
engulfing you, surrounding you
keeping out the light

I am the visions
in your head
visions of things
that you most dread

I am the creature
creeping under your bed
scaring you so bad
you'll wish you were dead

I am the fear
you have for the world around
following you everywhere
without making a sound

I am the pain
you have inside
driving you insane
making you think your soul has died

I am the voices
that you hear
controlling your mind
so you have no fear

I am the truth
you will never find...

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- H o l l o w   W a r - ® Kualkier intención de kopia será severamente penalizada por el kódigo civil y será llevado a silla eléktrika sin un juicio premeditado...